Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jaden's Baby Pix

at birth
                                                           2 weeks old                                                       

                                                                 2 months old

Jaden was born on Nov. 24, 2006 at Cagayan de Oro city. He weighs 2.7 kls or about 5.9 pounds and was 50 cm long. I must admit that he was really spoiled while we were still in the Philippines, he always get what he wants, my mum loves him so much like her own and everybody adores him. People call him "kano", "amboy", "tisoy" and he always gets attention from everyone when we are out in the public.

Jaden growing up was very active and is always on the go, at 1 month we spent our Holiday Vacation in my mother's hometown in San Franz which was a 6 hours bus ride from CDO. We attended a family reunion at Marbel, South Cotabato riding a bus again, he was just sleeping the whole time.
At 10 months Jaden can walk on his own, he is a very sociable baby, he likes to play with a lot of kids in our neighborhood.

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